Thursday, November 24, 2011

See Torch at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show

See me at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Saturday December 3rd at the Dallas Convention Center. They have all kinds of neat things going on this year.

Start reading about last years show here:

From New York to California, the 12-city nationwidetour of the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows®offers more than 500,000 consumers and 900 exhibitors from all powersportslifestyle interests an all access pass to the world of motorcycling. Withhundreds of the latest street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, scooters and ATVsfor both new and experienced riders, the world’s largest traveling powersportsevent gives enthusiasts of all ages the opportunity to check out the latestgear and aftermarket accessories. The show also offers entertainment includinga thrilling trials stunt show from The Smage Bros, made famous by their top 10finish in a nationally televised talent competition; a custom bike competitionoffering over $90,000 in prize money and featuring $20 million worth ofmotorcycle machinery; an all-new exclusive Kawasaki Design-A-Bike digital lightpainting experience; information tailored for women riders, learning experiencesand more. 

The Progressive® InternationalMotorcycle Shows® is announcing its newest feature to join the 2011/2012 tour. Kawasaki and the ProgressiveInternational Motorcycle Shows have licensed an exclusive technology from Lumacoustics to offer an all-new experience forshow goers called: KawasakiDesign-A-Bike, which is a state-of-the-artinteractive digital wall display that provides motorcycle enthusiasts with atrue hands-on creative experience. The life size display allows users tovirtually design their own custom exterior paint and graphics package on aselected Kawasaki motorcycle. Kawasaki will showcase its stylish Vulcan®1700 Vaquero®, the multi-championship-winning KX450F, and the awardwinning Ninja®1000 as two-wheeledcanvases. This new feature will be available at each show.  

“The all-new KawasakiDesign-A-Bike feature offered exclusively at the Progressive InternationalMotorcycle Shows is cool, state-of-the-art technology that allows customers tobetter interact with our products. We strive to innovate in this highlycompetitive market, and the new Kawasaki Design-A-Bike system truly delivers.This feature will travel with the 2011/2012 shows, offering a fun and excitingnew hands-on experience directly to 500,000 current and potential customers,”said Chris Brull, director, marketing communications at Kawasaki. 

November 18-20, 2011 San Mateo County Event Center San Mateo, CA
December 2-4, 2011 Dallas Convention Center Dallas, TX
December 9-11, 2011 Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach, CA
December 16-18, 2011    Washington State Convention Center Seattle, WA
January 6-8, 2012          Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI 
January 13-15, 2012 Washington Convention Center Washington D.C.
January 20-22, 2012 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY
January 27-29, 2012 I-X Center Cleveland, OH
February 3-5, 2012        Minneapolis Convention Center Minneapolis, MN 
February 10-12, 2012 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Chicago, IL
February 24-26, 2012 Charlotte Convention Center Charlotte, NC
March 14-17, 2012       Ocean Center Daytona Beach, FL

The ProgressiveInternational Motorcycle Shows will launch the Ultimate BuilderCustom Bike Show,an elite-level custom motorcycle builder competition, in San Mateo, Calif., thefirst stop of its nationwide tour. Contestants are encouraged to enter at any and all of the 12 shows for achance to win a piece of the $90,000 cash purse, more than any buildercompetition in the world. Four cash prize winners will be chosen at each show and at a special United StatesChampionship finale set to take place at the Daytona Progressive InternationalMotorcycle Show during Daytona Bike Week, March 12-17, 2012. With more than 500custom-built bikes on display across the country, the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show sets itself apart as the world’slargest touring custom bike competition.

“Followingthe tremendous success of last year’s Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Showthat saw more than 300 bikes compete, we are thrilled it returns this year forall 12-stops on the tour,” said Progressive International Motorcycle Shows BrandDirector KerryGraeber. “This head-to-head motorcycle matchup offers attendees a chance to seehundreds of truly amazing motorcycles valued at more than $20 million.Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet the artists who create theseunique designs and even vote for their favorite.”

The UltimateBuilder Custom Bike Show will host four classes of competition including Hot Bike’s Modified Harley, Super Streetbike’s Performance CustomSportbike, Freestyle and, new this year, Retro Mod. Judging will be conducted by the competitorsthemselves, with the top builders in each class receiving awards, in additionto a special “People’s Choice” award given to the builder who receives the mostvotes from show attendees. An awards ceremony will take place at each showwhere winners will receive cash prizes and trophies followed by a shortinterview so attendees can learn the story behind the award-winning bikes.

Attendees who vote for the“People’s Choice” award are automatically entered to win a custom-built HondaFury, sponsored by The customized Honda Fury built by will be featured at each ofthe tour stops, located at the Voting Center, nextto the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show.One winner will be

Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Kicks-OffTourwide Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show – Page 2

selected at the conclusionof the tour during Daytona Bike Week. UltimateBuilder Custom Bike Show coverage and results will be posted at Space at each Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is limited. Interested custombuilders should log on to www.motorcycleshows.comor call Biker Pros at 919/450-5060 for moredetails. 

Hope to see you there, and don't forget bikes park free!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Add Torch's Badge to Your Motorcycle / Biker Blog!

If your Motorcycle / Biker Blog is on Torch's Great Motorcycle / Biker Blogs List, please reciprocate and add this Badge to your Blog and link back to the list. I host one of the largest Motorcycle / Biker Blog Directories on the Internet and it is FREE! Note: Not all of these Blogs represent my views and some are NSFW. Email Me If you would like your Motorcycle / Biker Blog added, or to report dead links.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've been chosen to participate in Crown Royal's #PASSTHECROWN Gift Exchange.

 I've been chosen to participate in Crown Royal's #PASSTHECROWN Gift Exchange.


• There will be a random selection where each influencer will be provided a selection order from one (1) to twenty (20), the total number of influencers participating.

•  The first day of the game, Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. ET, the first influencer will be sent a digitally embroidered Crown Royal bag (example mockup image below).  Since they are the first person, they will not have a choice on whether to open it or not.  The bag will be accompanied by a photo and description of their gift for the influencer to post on their site, Tweet about and include in a Facebook update.  Remember, other than the bottles of Crown Royal (see Misc. below), you will be receiving two of each gift – one for you and one for a lucky adult reader (21+, to be distributed however you deem fit), so they should be very interested as they have a shot at winning too!

• After each gift is opened a group e-mail will be sent from to all participating influencers alerting them which influencer received (or stole) which gift.  This note will also serve as a daily reminder of which day you will be selecting on.

• The next morning, suspense will start to build as the second influencer will receive a clue to their gift via another digitally embroidered bag that the influencer will post to their site, Tweet about and include in a Facebook update.  The goal is to engage your readers and followers to see what they think is in the bag and provide feedback on whether you should open it and discover what gift is inside or steal the present opened by the first influencer.

• You will have until 4 p.m. ET that day to obtain feedback from your readers and let us know your decision.  If you decide to open the bag, we will send you a photo and description of the gift for you to share with your readers.  If you decide to steal the gift from the first influencer, we will send you a photo and description of that gift and alert the first influencer that their gift has been stolen.  We will then send the first influencer the gift that was contained in your bag. If the influencer does not respond by 5 p.m. ET they will automatically keep their bag and open the gift.

• Again, a group e-mail will be sent from to all participating influencers alerting them which influencer received which gift and who stole what from whom.

• The process will continue throughout the program until all gifts had been distributed.  Upon completion, the influencer with the first pick will be given the opportunity to steal any gift for the last time. Once the first person goes for the last time, the game is over and all of the gifts will be mailed.

Here is my hint photo:

So, do I keep it or trade for some of the other prizes?

Custom bags are available available to adults (21+) on for $9.95 and feature a max of 40 characters –perfect for the person who says it short and sweet. Or, your readers canpersonalize a Crown Royal bottle label – for free.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moto for Education

I Got an E-Mail from Rick Rose requesting a mention about a noble cause. Here is a copy of his letter.

I’mhoping you’ll post something about Moto For Education in your blog, and helpget the word out about a desperate situation. 

Mycousin volunteers for a school in Honduras that provides distance education forthe Lenca people of the region. When she told me that the four teachers wereprevented from reaching their students -- some almost 100 km. away throughdifficult mountainous terrain -- because two of their old motorcycles died, andthe third can barely be repaired, I offered to help. I think it’s safe to saythat anyone who bikes, races or rides knows the value of a reliable set ofwheels -- I sure couldn’t do without mine. And I know that motorcycleenthusiasts are also a caring bunch of people. So I’m spreading the word thatthose teachers -- Bertha, Arturo, Armando, and Natividad – desperately need ourhelp. A whole lot of small donations will quickly add up to a huge differencein the lives of their students. To learn more about this wonderful distance educationprogram, El Maestro en Casa (Teacher in the Home), and to make a donation, goto Moto For Education at’s make a difference in the lives of Lenca students. Let’s help them buy anew motorcycle for their school.

I’mattaching a logo, and a photo of Bertha and the last remaining motorcycle. I’malso attaching a photo of me and my old lady (literally, old: it’s my88-year-old mother) on my 650 Yamaha. Feel free to use any or all, and to editthe text if you need to.

Manythanks for your consideration and help,
Rick Rose

You can donate by clicking the link.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Motorcycle Insurance .Org .UK

Here is a guest post from the other side of the pond by Matt Seigneur about Motorcycle
Motorbike trackdays giveyou the edge on the road

It's a commonmisconception from fuddy-duddies and some motorists that trackdays encourageracing on the roads. In fact, it's the complete opposite. With some bikes beingable to go beyond the national speed limit within a matter of four seconds, atrackday can relieve riders of the temptation to tempt fate with their license.The fact is, with some practice, experience and even a little racinginstruction, bikers are one of the best and most aware motorists on the road.The full bike test is more difficult to pass compared to a car license, and byhaving the opportunity to test your bike fully on track, you can be even more'at-one' with your machine.

By having a safeenvironment to understand how your bike reacts to curbs, long-fast sweepingcorners and hard braking will give you an edge on the road. In mostcircumstances, it's necessary to have the correct motorcycleinsurance or a specific trackday insurance, however as it's becomingmore of a trend, some insurers will have a bolt-on package for each trackday.When you have other bikers around you testing their bike's limits around you,the chances of having a collision are just as much as they are on the road,except they are usually at higher speed. 

No one wants to see howmuch gravel rash their fairings can take so before your trackday, ensure yourtyres have good tread, or invest in some trackday tyres, and that they engineis in tip-top condition. With a safe, well-maintained bike you can enjoy yourtrackday more. With your bike in rude health, you need to make sure you'veslept well and have had a good meal, to maintain your strength and fitness whenflip-flopping your way down the Craner Curves. 

A few pointers fornewbie bikers that are encountering their first trackday:

              Makesure you have a good helmet and leathers
              Listenand learn from the track officials
              Makesure your bike passes scrutineering (and no, bunging £10 to the tester isn'twhat I mean!)
              Don'tpunch above your weight and go into the advanced group. No matter how much roadexperience you have, if it's your first track day then you're a newbie andshould go in the beginner class.
              Don'tget over-zealous. You want to be able to do another trackday, right? Then makesure you keep it on two wheels. 

So, you've sorted outyour motorbikeinsurance and you have taped up your lights, ensured you're fit andhealthy, and have a leak-free motorbike. Warm up your tyres, check your mirrorsfor faster bikes and let them get on with it, and ride your own 'race'.Practice perfecting your lines, braking zones, exit speeds and being smooth andin control. This will guarantee you have a more enjoyable day that you can lookback on with a beer (when you get home!) and plan your next trackday. Chancesare you won't want to ride your bike fast on the roads ever again. 

====END ======

So, If you ride in the UK and need insurance, check them out.

Ride on,

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