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Here is a guest post from the other side of the pond by Matt Seigneur about Motorcycle
Motorbike trackdays giveyou the edge on the road

It's a commonmisconception from fuddy-duddies and some motorists that trackdays encourageracing on the roads. In fact, it's the complete opposite. With some bikes beingable to go beyond the national speed limit within a matter of four seconds, atrackday can relieve riders of the temptation to tempt fate with their license.The fact is, with some practice, experience and even a little racinginstruction, bikers are one of the best and most aware motorists on the road.The full bike test is more difficult to pass compared to a car license, and byhaving the opportunity to test your bike fully on track, you can be even more'at-one' with your machine.

By having a safeenvironment to understand how your bike reacts to curbs, long-fast sweepingcorners and hard braking will give you an edge on the road. In mostcircumstances, it's necessary to have the correct motorcycleinsurance or a specific trackday insurance, however as it's becomingmore of a trend, some insurers will have a bolt-on package for each trackday.When you have other bikers around you testing their bike's limits around you,the chances of having a collision are just as much as they are on the road,except they are usually at higher speed. 

No one wants to see howmuch gravel rash their fairings can take so before your trackday, ensure yourtyres have good tread, or invest in some trackday tyres, and that they engineis in tip-top condition. With a safe, well-maintained bike you can enjoy yourtrackday more. With your bike in rude health, you need to make sure you'veslept well and have had a good meal, to maintain your strength and fitness whenflip-flopping your way down the Craner Curves. 

A few pointers fornewbie bikers that are encountering their first trackday:

              Makesure you have a good helmet and leathers
              Listenand learn from the track officials
              Makesure your bike passes scrutineering (and no, bunging £10 to the tester isn'twhat I mean!)
              Don'tpunch above your weight and go into the advanced group. No matter how much roadexperience you have, if it's your first track day then you're a newbie andshould go in the beginner class.
              Don'tget over-zealous. You want to be able to do another trackday, right? Then makesure you keep it on two wheels. 

So, you've sorted outyour motorbikeinsurance and you have taped up your lights, ensured you're fit andhealthy, and have a leak-free motorbike. Warm up your tyres, check your mirrorsfor faster bikes and let them get on with it, and ride your own 'race'.Practice perfecting your lines, braking zones, exit speeds and being smooth andin control. This will guarantee you have a more enjoyable day that you can lookback on with a beer (when you get home!) and plan your next trackday. Chancesare you won't want to ride your bike fast on the roads ever again. 

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So, If you ride in the UK and need insurance, check them out.

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