Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moto for Education

I Got an E-Mail from Rick Rose requesting a mention about a noble cause. Here is a copy of his letter.

I’mhoping you’ll post something about Moto For Education in your blog, and helpget the word out about a desperate situation. 

Mycousin volunteers for a school in Honduras that provides distance education forthe Lenca people of the region. When she told me that the four teachers wereprevented from reaching their students -- some almost 100 km. away throughdifficult mountainous terrain -- because two of their old motorcycles died, andthe third can barely be repaired, I offered to help. I think it’s safe to saythat anyone who bikes, races or rides knows the value of a reliable set ofwheels -- I sure couldn’t do without mine. And I know that motorcycleenthusiasts are also a caring bunch of people. So I’m spreading the word thatthose teachers -- Bertha, Arturo, Armando, and Natividad – desperately need ourhelp. A whole lot of small donations will quickly add up to a huge differencein the lives of their students. To learn more about this wonderful distance educationprogram, El Maestro en Casa (Teacher in the Home), and to make a donation, goto Moto For Education at’s make a difference in the lives of Lenca students. Let’s help them buy anew motorcycle for their school.

I’mattaching a logo, and a photo of Bertha and the last remaining motorcycle. I’malso attaching a photo of me and my old lady (literally, old: it’s my88-year-old mother) on my 650 Yamaha. Feel free to use any or all, and to editthe text if you need to.

Manythanks for your consideration and help,
Rick Rose

You can donate by clicking the link.

Ride on,

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